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STRETCH SOX SHORTBOARD ( 5.8 , 6.0 , 6.3 , 6.7 , 7.1 )


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DIsponibles en medidas 5.8 , 6.0 , 6.3 , 6.7 , 7.1 . Todas tus compras con hasta 10 cuotas precio contado , despachos a todo Chile .

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The Creatures Shortboard Stretch Sox now come with the exclusive single jersey knitted jacquard material - Navajo Stretch Fabric. This unique lightweight material is knitted into a tube with a closed loop process which creates a fabric resistant to fabric pulls and improves the tear strength.The Shortboard Navajo Stretch Sox are designed for simple board protection from scratches, dirt, sand UV exposure. Perfect for at home storage and to reduce wax on seats while transiting to and from the beach.
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