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The Creatures Pro Surf leash is 7mm shock absorbing urethane cord with DNA flex moulded ends, two way rail saver with Stainless Steel swivel. The padded ankle strap has leash lock velcro, this is 50% stronger than anyone else's. A sewn in safety loop allows you to release it if it all gets a bit to hairy too! The Stainless Steel swivel in the leg loop is self lubricating to help keep the tangles out of your leash. This leash is 7 foot (2135mm) long and 7mm thick. It has a Black cord. Just marketing hype? No, this leash is really as good as it sounds and this is why it costs more. Creatures of Leisure have been making quality surf accessories for over 25 years and although a little more expensive you really do get extra quality and innovation for your money. ...STANDARD, EXPRESS AND INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY OPTIONS AVAILABLE...
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