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The PsychoFreak TB3 is the warmest O'Neill wetsuit you can get. If you get cold easily or like to stay out 2+ hours, then this is the suit to look at.Excellent stretch, flex. Excellent Wind and Air. Excellent durability. Best suited for cool to cold water and cold to moderate air temps with moderate wind. All new TechnoButter 3 neoprene is super light, hydrophobic and double the warmth of TB2.We gaurantee that it will keep you as warm as possible for as long as possible. The new Firewall in the TB3 Psycho Freak is a BIG change. It's not just on the smooth skin area, it's on the chest and back and then all the way down the legs. Flex and movement is huge!!FEATURESTB3 Neoprene w/ TB-AIR FirewallSuper Seam WeldFRONT ZIPTB-Air Firewall SmoothskinTechnoButter FirewallCode Red Urethane Coated ZipperSuper Seal CuffsSuper Seam Weld
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